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PEAK Delly1 - Team Green

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    Delly1 Technology:

    • PEAK’s GRADIENT dual technologies include the PEAK R-pad and PEAK S-pad. Two rebounding modules with different densities are embedded into the front sole according to pressure distribution, providing quicker starts and higher bounce. In the rear outsole, two shock-absorbing modules, again with different densities, ensure that the landing is comfortable and cushioned, preventing shock to the lower limbs and feet. Together, the four modules minimize stress on the feet, meeting the demands of high-intensity activity and providing vital support.
    • Three materials – shock-absorbing ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) in the middle heel, an energy storage system (ESS) material below the EVA, and a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) window in the outsole – create a stage-by-stage shock-absorption process. During landing, the impact force on the heel is absorbed by the EVA and ESS materials through deformation; the enclosed air pressure and the ESS material then work to reverse the deformation quickly, bringing the material back to its original state and applying vertical force. These materials improve the heel’s shock absorption, as well as the support provided by the insole.
    • PEAK’s products are developed using the insight and experience of professional sportspeople, which results in the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The technologies that are incorporated into PEAK footwear are distributed in varying combinations – on the upper, insoles and outsoles of the shoes – creating a unique range of products that are enhanced by bespoke sports technology systems.

    Delly1 Upper:

    • Supportive / Wrapping / Breathable
    • The innovative use of materials and new, specialised technical structures provide wearers with the ultimate in comfort and protection, along with a superior footwear experience.

    Delly1 Insole:

    • Shock-absorbing / Lightweight
    • The insoles of PEAK’s sports shoes incorporate multiple materials and production processes, as well as intelligent structural design that addresses specific athletic needs, to prevent discomfort and injury to wearers.

    Delly1 Outsole:

    • Stable / Anti-slip / Wear-resistant
    • PEAK’s footwear is equipped with customised wear resistance and grip, with a variety of options to suit the needs of a range of sports. This ensures safety and comfort for athletes, long-lasting footwear, and an enjoyable experience on the court or field.

    Size Chart:

    PLEASE NOTE: The Delly1's are produced in EUR sizes. The U.S. sizes shown are an estimate only. Please check your EUR sizing.